About Us

Our Heritage Foundation

Our Heritage Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation established for the Research and Promotion of Heritage.

Our Heritage Foundation was legally incorporated in January 2020, though the team has been undertaking research in this field for more than ten years before the incorporation.

Our Heritage Foundation is governed by a council who has the responsibility to manage, administer and represent the Foundation.

Our Heritage Foundation's main goal is to document, preserve, conserve, promote and develop heritage assets and resources on the Mauritian Territory and Abroad.

Our Heritage Foundation looks at Heritage in its completeness while considering aspects of Tangible Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage as well as the Environmental and Natural Heritage

Our Heritage Foundation aims at striking the right balance between Development and Heritage by advocating and working towards sustainable development with Heritage.


Research in

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • Heritage
  • Anthropology

Carry out surveys of heritage resources

Assess impacts on heritage assets and resources

Mitigate impacts on heritage assets

Work on ways to develop heritage assets into sustainable economic resources

Our Heritage Foundation works for the benefit of the general population, children, tourists, and researchers