Our Team

To provide the services, our Heritage Foundation has pulled together a team of International experts in:

  • Heritage Management
  • Archaeology
  • Site Conservation and Restoration
  • History
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Anthropology
  • Ethnography
  • Museology
  • Geology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Heritage Education


Cheshta Hoolash Taucoor
Graduated in History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism, Cheshta is a founding member of Our Heritage Foundation. She runs the organization as project coordinator and public relations officer. She is experienced both in field and in office with good leadership skills. She did her internship at the National heritage Fund and the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage. She participated in archaeological projects including Moulin a Poudre, Ex-Military Hospital and Batterie de la Reine.

Kumaressen Soobhen
Soobhen, is a deep passionate of the Mauritian culture and heritage. He graduated in History, Heritage and Cultural Tourism and participated in archaeological campaign of Moulin a Poudre and Ex-Military Hospital. He also worked at the Intercontinental Slavery Museum. He currently focuses his research on the history of Indo Christians in Mauritius.

Jayshree Mungur-Medhi
Archaeologist and Heritage Professional, Jayshree is qualified in archaeology, ancient culture, heritage management and quaternary studies. She is experienced in archaeological fieldwork, historical archaeology, faunal analysis, site conservation, heritage management and intangible cultural heritage. She has been working at local and international levels including several projects of global interest as UNESCO nomination dossiers. She is the author of several articles including academic journals.

Nipon Medhi
Photographer, Videographer and Field Technician Qualified and professional photographer Nipon Medhi specialises in the photographic documentation of heritage sites, among others. He also does photogrammetry, drone, Videography, 360 degrees view and 3D scanning of artefacts and sites. Along with the equipment in the field, he works with the related software for the output. He runs his own business as Nipon Image Square but gives a big helping hand at OHF.

Zia Gopee
Zia Gopee is a museologist and museum educator. He is the founder of Musea which is the very first museum consultancy in Mauritius. Musea has aim to educate, develop and engage audiences to Art, Heritage and Culture — a sector neglected for too long on our beloved island. Musea provides consultancies in museum development, cultural and educational initiatives for the public and private sectors. Musea wants to bring a wind of change to this wonderful sector, now more than ever. In today’s uncertain times, we think museums and art in general can act as an anchor in the storm.

Julia Haines
Dr. Julia Jong Haines is an anthropological and historical archaeologist whose research focuses on the intersection of inequality, community identities, and landscapes. She completed her PhD in Anthropology from the University of Virginia. In collaboration with Mauritian communities, local environmental and cultural resource managers, and researchers Haines also is dedicated to integrating archeological research into ongoing public history programs and supporting community-centered heritage projects. She works profoundly with digital tools and computerization for study of sites. She is the author of several articles on archaeology in academic journals.

Hugo Gomes
Hugo is a geologist and a geo-archaeologist. He works in different projects in Europe and on the African continent. He is also an expert in the study and management of Geopark. Hugo also undertakes projects regarding scientific analysis of Rock Arts.

Madhavi KUNNERIATH completed an Erasmus Mundus International Doctorate in Quaternary and Pre-history. She is an archaeologist with specialization in Prehistory along with Petrology and Ancient History. She has teaching experience in the fields. She worked on different projects in India and Europe.



Jérémie Flore
Jeremie Flore is a student at the School of Architecture, ENSA. He participated in an archaeological investigation of Batterie de la reine site of Vieux Grand Port.

Elisa Sooryamuyah
Am a student of Tourism Management at the UTM. It was a great opportunity for me to have joined the archaeological excavation of Batterie de La Reine. Working with the team of OHF was an enriching experience and I was even financially compensated for my work, so that was a great help as a student.

MUNOOA Hemika Devi
I completed my degree in Joint Humanities and but did not have a job. The team of OHF was working in my village of Vieux Grand Port for an Archaeological Project. So I approached OHF for at least an internship. The team happily accommodated me. I received a good field experience in Archaeology, as despite doing archaeology as a module at the university never had the opportunity to work in field. I was also paid for my services offered.