Powder Mills Archaeological Project – Site Survey and Artefacts Cataloguing
OHF has been involved in the project of Powder Mills/ Moulin a Poudre at Pamplemousses since 2020, though the project itself started since 2015 by University of Mauritius. The team supported the archaeologist in further survey of the site extending the known boundaries and inventoried all the artefacts.
The Moulin a Poudre is a gun powder production site of the 18th Century, and seems to be unique among French colonies.


Batterie de la Reine, Salvage Archaeology
Located at Vieux Grand Port, Batterie de la Reine is an 18th Century fortification site which has also been used during the World War II, testified by the ruins present on the site.
OHF undertook a salvage archaeological survey in September-October 2021, to document the maximum possible before the site’s conversion for a modern touristic project.


Mapping of Sugar Factory Remains in Mauritius
Sugar Industry has been an important part of Mauritian History. With the rapid development and shift in the economic pillar of the country, sugar industry is being wiped out. From the existence of 400 sugar factories at a time, it now remains only five. To preserve that memory and heritage, Our Heritage Foundation has emborked on a project of an Archaeological Mapping consisting of survey and documentation of all the sugar factory remains