Our Services

Our Heritage Foundation offers the following services:

  • Survey of Heritage Sites
  • Archaeological Research
  • Historical Research
  • Documentation of Heritage Assets
  • 3D Scanning of Sites
  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Heritage Impact Assessment
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Developing Heritage Assets into Sustainable Economic Resources
  • Anthropological Research
  • Guided Heritage Trails
  • Heritage Educational Programs
  • Museology

Depending on the requirements of the project we combine the different services and provide multidisciplinary approach to reach the objective.

Survey of Heritage Sites

We survey archaeological and architectural sites including historical building, monuments and ruins using different techniques as Total Station, Scanner and other modern techniques. Once surveyed we give you detail plans and elevations of the site

Archaeological Research

We study the material culture through archaeology.  From reconnaissance surveys to excavations, we even undertake post excavation analysis.

Preventive, Salvage and Rescue Archaeology we intervene as per the needs and context. We also undertake Archaeological Study for academic research.

Historical Research

We undertake research in libraries and archives and trace the history of people and places using publications, documents and maps.

Documentation of Heritage Assets

We document heritage assets. It includes photographic documentation, photogrammetry, scanning, architectural surveys, inventory and cataloguing of artefacts for collections and many others.

3D Scanning

Using drone and other photographic and scanning techniques we create 3D images of sites, monuments, buildings and artefacts and even provide virtual tours of sites. This helps to visualise the heritage without physically moving to the place. 360 degrees view of artefacts is highly useful for collections in museums and galleries.

Digital Terrain Modeling

For a better understanding of your site we give create digital modelling. Thus you can get the different elevation layers and features to have a detailed documentation and plan the future intervention on your site.

Heritage Conservation

We provide consultancy services in conservation and restoration of historical sites and buildings. We document and scan the site and devise the conservation plan and scope of work as per the needs and to ensure a sustainable use of the site. We supervise the implementation of the conservation and restoration works.

Heritage Impact Assessment

We undertake Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment. With rapid modern development needs it has become more and more important to identify and assess the impacts on heritage assets while proposing mitigating measures to minimise negative impacts and maximise the positive ones.

Anthropological Research

We deal directly with the local population through anthropology and ethnography. As per the needs of projects we interview the community and do anthropological research. We also carry out documentation and research on intangible cultural heritage while advising on sustainability and development of such heritage resources to avoid being swallowed by modern development and over-commercialisation.

Guided Heritage Trails

We want you to discover and understand the heritage and history, so we offer guided heritage tours. We have pre-devised heritage trails which are adapted as per the age groups and your interest. But we also devise trails as per your requirements. Our objective is to improve your experience to get a sense and taste of the place.

Heritage Educational Programs

We offer educational programs led by heritage professionals for different age groups. We have pedagogical approach to our heritage programs for children. From experimental archaeology to get the touch and the feel, we give talks and provide activities for you and your kids.

We have specific programs for schools.